A Case Study with Fairview Health Services: Fairview Specialty Pharmacy has the Prescription for Platform Integration

Integration of specialty pharmacy patient information across the pharmacy dispensing system, electronic medical record (EMR), patient communications application and shipping vendor – and more – seems like an impossible dream. Learn How Fairview Specialty Pharmacy is leading the way to success. Download the full case study : https://bit.ly/3Dd2pBv

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HOSP Whitepaper: Best Practices | The Health System Specialty Pharmacy Integrated Care Model: Delivering Patient-Centric Care

Defining best practices within healthcare is of the utmost importance to providing every patient both high quality and efficient care. The Health Economics Research and Outcomes (HERO) Committee focuses on these best practices within the real-world presentation of what we believe to be the critical, high-value pillars of our owned specialty pharmacy programs.

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A Case Study with Nebraska Medicine: The Data-Driven Culture and The Art Of The Data Dashboard

Everybody wants it. Few achieve it. Most spend lots of time and treasure on it. The all-important “it” is organizational focus -- getting everyone in an organization focused on the same goals with the discipline to stay the course.Download the full case study

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HOSP Open Letter to HHS Secretary Becerra and top congressional officials in Washington, D.C.

The HOSP Board, through the work of its Advocacy Committee, recently sent a letter to HHS Secretary Becerra and top congressional officials in Washington, D.C. introducing the organization and outlining top priorities. The letter serves as an important vehicle to inform policymakers about HOSP, our mission, and the need for support on the policies [...]

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