What is HOSP?

The Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance (HOSP) is a nationwide member-led organization of leading health systems that represents the interests of the health system owned specialty pharmacy industry.

HOSP believes that health systems are best positioned to provide the highest quality care to their specialty patients in the outpatient setting. Together, we develop industry best practices through a care model that ensures onsite health system specialty pharmacies provide unparalleled care.

Our Vision:

To be the face and voice of the Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Industry.

Our Mission:

Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance (HOSP) substantiates, promotes and advocates that the fully integrated health system specialty pharmacy model is the optimal way to improve patient outcomes while reducing the total cost of care. Further, HOSP provides a collaborative environment to support members seeking to optimize the current use of the model or those planning to transition into the model.

Improve patient outcomes

Advocate for common interests of the integrated specialty pharmacy industry

Develop and share best practices

More About the Health System-Owned Specialty Pharmacy Industry:

Approximately 25 percent of the 600+ health systems in the United States have established their own, integrated specialty pharmacies to provide patients in their communities with the best coordinated and comprehensive care that only a health system can provide to its own patients. Growth of the integrated specialty pharmacy industry is accelerating as it becomes clear that the model reduces fragmented care and health inequities, leading to better patient outcomes and reduced total medical expenses.

Our Board of Directors released an Open Letter addressed to the nation’s health systems and other network providers of specialty pharmacy patient care proposing three immediate actions the industry needs to take to improve patient care and outcomes.