Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy (HOSP) Alliance Committee Work + Impact

HOSP Committees are focused on strategic and impactful solutions that support the mission and membership. HOSP believes that health systems are best positioned to provide the highest quality care to their patients in the outpatient setting. HOSP develops industry best practices and provides objective, trusted information regarding the integrated specialty pharmacy model.

Advocacy Committee

Melissa Goff, Advocacy Chair

VP of Outpatient Pharmacy at Avera Health

We hear you. Our goal? Simply put, we employ a laser-like focus on advocating for our membership and our belief that our integrated care model for specialty pharmacy patients in our health systems is superior to any other specialty pharmacy. We believe that we should have access to all patients that seek care in our health systems. Our mission is to make our voices heard on issues affecting our members, advocate for values that support our care model and allow us to continue to provide the highest quality of care, highest patient satisfaction and the lowest total cost of care.

Health Economics and Research Outcomes Committee (HERO)

Doesn’t everyone need a HERO? We think so. The Health Economics and Research Outcomes Committee is focused on the development and organization of outcomes data that promotes the integrated, specialty pharmacy care model. Outcomes include clinical, quality, service level and financial metrics that demonstrate the highest level of care delivered through the Health-System Owned Specialty Pharmacy. Data and publications from this committee work will be utilized in HOSP advocacy efforts and promotion of the health-system owned specialty pharmacy integrated care model.

Agnes Cha

HERO Committee Co-Chair

Senior Manager, Ambulatory Pharmacy

Northwell Health

Jennifer Donovan

HERO Committee Co-Chair

Vice President Of Clinical Services at Shields Health Solutions

Innovations Committee

Mel Nelson, Innovations Committee Chair

Regional Operations Manager at Fairview Pharmacy Services

Innovation. It’s what is needed to drive any industry to success. And our industry is no different. The Innovations Committee is focused on educating HOSP members around innovative solutions to optimize care across the specialty patient journey. Innovation empowers us to improve patient experience and outcomes, maximize the efficiency of our teams, and bolster our interactions with external stakeholders. We are committed to producing resource documents, holding educational webinars, and hosting roundtable discussions to deliver valuable content and share best practices that can be leveraged to enhance the specialty pharmacy care model.

Membership Committee

The HOSP Alliance continues to grow through Integrated Health System Specialty Pharmacy members who share the same values and approach to specialty pharmacy care as defined in our mission statement. Our goal is to attract members who share the same passion to advocate and educate policy makers on issues that impact Health-System Owned Specialty Pharmacy in an unfair or inequitable manner. We want health systems members who want to collaborate on outcomes research to demonstrate the value of the integrated model on improved clinical outcomes as well as reducing the total cost of care. Our members’ sole focus is on the Health-System Specialty Pharmacy space and not competing interests in the Health System.

Louis G Sokos, Membership Committee Co-Chair

Director of Allied Health Solutions, Specialty Pharmacy Services, WVU Medicine

Kyle Skiermont, Membership Committee Co-Chair

Vice President Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Nebraska Medicine, College of Pharmacy University of Nebraska Medical Center