HOSP stands against the most recent restrictions implemented by Johnson & Johnson that will severely limit access to 340B discounts for safety net providers.  These enhanced restrictions place undue burden on hospitals through new reporting requirements for owned pharmacies.  They also significantly limit access to 340B discounts on some of the most costly medications by dramatically reducing the number of community and specialty pharmacies a 340B provider can contract with.

340B hospitals provide 67% of the uncompensated and unreimbursed care in the U.S.   Many HOSP members utilize 340B discounts to fund non-reimbursable medication management programs that have shown to improve patient outcomes as well as create financial assistance programs for patients who are not able to afford their medications.  Without access to the 340B discounts these programs designed to expand care and improve access to high cost medications will not be sustainable.  Ultimately the continued attacks on the 340B program by drug manufacturers will harm the health care safety net and the patients who rely on it by limiting crucial services and healthcare access.