Collaborate, Contribute, Connect!

HOSP is seeking partners ready to collaborate and align best practices that will permanently improve patient outcomes and advance the network of organizations working through the integrated specialty pharmacy model!


  • Leadership: access to sessions with the members of the HOSP Board of Directors

  • Recognition: acknowledgment of your support through the HOSP website and potential to be a “Featured Partner” within HOSP’s newsletter

  • Engagement: additional visibility among HOSP stakeholders through discounted webinars and other sponsorships
  • Collaboration: a vehicle through which to share your organization’s ideas, content, and perspectives

What does the HOSP Partnership Program say about your organization?




As a HOSP Partner, your organization aligns with our commitment and efforts to improve patient outcomes through a rapidly evolving movement to innovate patient care through the integrated specialty pharmacy model. As a partner, you understand the value and importance of collaboration in the advancements in research, advocacy, and education.

Partnership vs. Membership

  • Partners of HOSP provide an opportunity to organizations and members that are aligned with HOSP efforts to support HOSP programs and services and share information and perspectives with HOSP decision makers.
  • Partners can incorporate the perspectives of experts that have influence on the integrated specialty pharmacy’s delivery of care
  • Partners have the ability to work with other industry-related partners who have specific knowledge in and influence over advancing patient choice and access to care

Partner Program Commitment

HOSP Partner
$10,000 / per year

  • Complete Partnership Application


Many health systems owned pharmacies have yet to adopt the model of care that works best – best for the patient, and best for the hospital. Sharing common experiences and knowledge with other industry partners will help to network within the community to create an exemplary, care-centric model. Together as leaders, we can manage our industry’s future by driving awareness!


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