It’s About Patients, Not Prescriptions; Three Actions To Improve Patient Outcomes

 WAKEFIELD, Mass. USA – February 2, 2021 –The Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance (HOSP) Board of Directors released today an Open Letter addressed to the nation’s health systems and other network providers of specialty pharmacy patient care proposing three immediate actions the industry needs to take to improve patient care and outcomes.  Read the Open Letter here.

For health system owned specialty pharmacies to provide the best possible patient outcomes with less fragmented care, HOSP calls on the industry to work together and establish industry performance benchmarks, encourage open access for patients and take meaningful steps to foster health equity. To learn more:

“We are asking health systems to join their voice with ours and unite the industry around these important actions.  It’s about patients not prescriptions,”  said Tanya Menchi, executive director, HOSP. “We believe the integrated health system owned specialty pharmacy model is the best way to deliver exceptional patient care and outcomes.  However, we need to do a better job as an industry in sharing data and developing performance measures, ensuring access and advocating for patient choice.  Together, we can make a difference.”

For more information, to ensure your voice is heard and unite to produce better patient outcomes

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The Health System Owned Specialty Pharmacy Alliance (HOSP) is a network of leading health systems and the businesses that support them who advocate for the better patient care and outcomes associated with fully integrated health system specialty pharmacies. HOSP believes that health systems are best positioned to provide the highest quality care to their specialty patients in the outpatient setting. HOSP advocates for and develops industry best practices to ensure that onsite health system specialty pharmacy operations have gold standard care models of excellence.  For more information:

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HOSP is a non-profit organization.  It is not a charity, rather it is an organization of professionals with common business and societal interests to devote the organization’s time to improving industry conditions and promoting common interests.

HOSP general membership is open to any qualified health system that seeks to embrace the organization’s mission of delivering critical care excellence through health system owned specialty pharmacies. For information about member qualifications, membership dues and how to join:

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