We’re pleased to introduce Kyle Skiermont, PharmD, to the HOSP Board of Directors

Please help us welcome Kyle to the HOSP Board of Directors! Kyle presently serves as the Vice President of Pharmacy and Therapeutics for Nebraska Medicine and Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs where he is responsible for strategy and overall operations of Nebraska Medicine’s pharmacy program.  He has more than 20 years of pharmacy experience and is a frequent media and professional spokesperson.  We recently asked Kyle to share how he feels about joining HOSP and a few other questions to get to know him.


HOSP BOD Member Spotlight:

Q. What prompted you to join HOSP and why do you feel the organization is so important?

A. Hospitals and health systems fill an important and unique role in specialty pharmacy.  I’m a true believer in the integrated model of specialty care. The best voice to represent that integrated model are the people providing that care to patients every day.  HOSP represents that united voice to payers, pharma and our legislators.  I’m excited to be a part of an organization of like-minded members, working to take the best possible care of patients.  HOSP will help us amplify our voice but will also provide access to best practices and innovation across many hospitals/health systems.

Q. What attributes/strengths do you feel you will bring to HOSP and the BOD?

A. I will bring experience working in the health system and the payer world.  My health system experience includes leadership at two academic health systems and working with multiple other systems to create and grow their specialty programs.  I will also bring experience working with pharmacy organizations including the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy.  I have a passion for this model having spent a majority of my career advocating for, and building, health system owned specialty pharmacies so I’m happy to add that I’ll be bringing that passion to HOSP and the Board, too.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish as a BOD member?

A. I hope to work with the other board members to broaden our membership and continue to amplify our voice.  I hope to partner with other organizations where appropriate, while ensuring the unique needs of health system owned specialty pharmacies are met.  I would like to see our ability to care for our own patients expand. I’d also like to see us continue to gather data and demonstrate the integrated model as a superior model for patients.

Q. What is a career moment you’re most proud of?

A. It’s so hard to pick one.  I am always proud when I see a former resident or student succeed.  It is so rewarding to play even the smallest part in helping someone else advance their career.  I’m also proud to have helped play a part in helping health system owned specialty pharmacies go from a small number to becoming common for most large systems.

Q. If you weren’t in this space, what other profession would you have been in?

A. If I wasn’t in healthcare, I would probably be teaching and researching human social behavior and interaction.  I was a double major in Chemistry and Sociology/Anthropology and made the decision to go to pharmacy school versus graduate school in sociology.  I’ve always been interested in what shapes how groups of people behave and interact.