What prompted you to join HOSP and why do you feel the organization is so important?

Our HOSP membership was prompted by all of the University of California’s specialty pharmacy leaders and agreed upon unanimously by all the Pharmacy Executives at four University of California campuses.  HOSP is important because there is strength in numbers. Health system pharmacy team must continue to voice the great work we all are doing and show strong patient outcomes to payors, pharma, and providers. HOSP can be a key component in this effort.

What attributes/strengths do you feel you will bring to HOSP and the BOD?

Our strength is in the number of health system members we can help bring to the discussion.  The more members we have, the more powerful our voice and the increased advocacy work that HOSP can accomplish on behalf of members.  Patient outcomes research that we can publish collaboratively between HOSP member organizations is key.  The recent HOSP and URAC partnership is so exciting and I’m eager to be a part of the Board that will help bring additional partners on board.

What do you hope to accomplish as a HOSP Board of Directors member?

I want to dedicate time to the HOSP strategic priorities, build those priorities and execute on them. Getting outcomes data and real-world evidence out to payors, pharma, providers, the public and patients will be key.

What is a career moment you’re most proud of? Being appointed to the Illinois Board of Pharmacy by the Governor of the State of Illinois.  I served for 7 years including holding a Vice-Chair role.  I was honored to serve the public in Illinois to make sure they stayed safe with respect to everything medication-related.

If you weren’t in this space, what other profession would you have been in?

I LOVE flower arranging and baking so something in the creative space.  Having my own Greek pastry bakery with self-arranged fresh and dried flowers would be my jam.